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We are able to assist you with all your firearm assessment & training requirments
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Accredited Firearm Licence Training provider in Terms of the Firearm Control Act.

SAPS Accreditation No: 400348 PFTC Accreditation No: 051905003306

training provided at fully accredited lecture room, sabs & saps accredited shooting range, qualifications act, 1995 & skills development act, 1998
Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Hand Machine Carbine, Business purpose: Game farms, Security, Gun owners
  • A one-stop administration service
  • New applications, Individuals and Companies
  • Firearm Import- and Export Permits
  • Motivation according to the law
    • Completion and typing of official forms in accordance to the law
  • Planning regarding distribution of firearms

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We can assist with all your Firearm assessment & Training!